Jeffrey Fayman was born in Los Angeles, California and studied music at USC and California Institute of The Arts. While playing drums at an early age in progressive rock bands, some of Mr. Fayman’s earliest musical influences were a hybrid of modern classical music and epic filmscores from composers such as Miklos Rosza, Bernard Herrmann and Jerry Goldsmith.

In the late 80’s and early 90’s Mr.Fayman began composing original music for television shows such as “Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous”, “American Gladiators” and “Secrets” while formulating a cinematic sensibility scoring early trailers such as “Henry V”, “Longtime Companion”, and “Rocky V”.

In 1992 Mr. Fayman in collaboration with Yoav Goren, co-founded Immediate Music LLC - Hollywood’s most legendary and pre-eminent supplier of memorable cinematic music for high profile feature film trailers. Along with Mr. Goren, Mr. Fayman has composed and produced over 5000 tracks for the Immediate Music catalogue.

“We have always strived to push the boundaries of the highest production values within the genre of film trailers by recording our premium productions with the largest scale orchestras and choirs available worldwide. By utilizing the finest musicians and top recording engineers and mixers in the entertainment industry, we believe our musical standards strive to rival some of the finest film scores available - and beyond”. -Fayman

Some of Fayman and Goren’s most memorable campaigns include the creation and licensing of their music for such blockbuster film franchises as: Harry Potter, Mission Impossible, Spiderman, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Hobbit, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Da Vinci Code, X-Men, and Avatar.

With a vast experience in motion picture advertising, Mr. Fayman currently composes and produces cutting edge trailer music, cover songs and television underscore and oversees a multitude of Immediate Music composers in developing their premium cinematic music composing and production skills.

Born in Israel and raised in New York City, Goren was born into a family of artists that includes a sculptor, painter, and filmmaker. Encouraged early to study piano, he was heavily influenced first by classical composers, and then by the Beatles and film composers Ennio Morricone, Jerry Goldsmith and John Barry. He started composing during his studies at NYU, where he graduated with a BA in Film and Television Production. After gigging and touring with several bands in the USA as keyboard player, Goren settled in Los Angeles where he met and worked with the legendary Leonard Cohen on the acclaimed CD The Future (1992) as arranger and co-producer. Also in 1992, Goren teamed up with fellow composer Jeffrey Fayman and founded Immediate Music, which has become one of the preeminent suppliers of original music for motion picture advertising.

From his first trailer score for Universal Pictures “Carlito’s Way” in 1993 to high profile campaigns for films such as “Star Wars”, “Wonder Woman”, “Avengers”, “X-Men”, “Amazing Spider Man” and the entire “Harry Potter” series, Goren and Immediate Music continue to provide cutting edge music to all major motion picture studios through both custom scoring and the acclaimed Immediate Music production library. With over 6,000 trailer-related synch licenses to date, the composing team of Goren and Fayman are arguably the world’s most-often utilized composers in the $3.3 billion motion picture advertising industry.

In 2007, Goren’s work on NBC’s “20th Torino Winter Olympic Games” earned him an Emmy Award for “Outstanding Music Composition in a Sports Program”. In 2008, Goren was the recipient of a composing award from BMI, of which he has been a member for over 20 years. He was also honored with the Vanguard Award by the Hollywood Music & Media Awards, in recognition of Immediate Music’s success as pioneering producers
of trailer music. In 2009, Goren became the first person to ever perform a live orchestral and choral concert of trailer music compositions, as part of his “Trailer Music Live” performance series. Through his commercial record label Imperativa Records which he founded in 2006, Goren has trailblazed the public release and distribution of high quality epic orchestral music.

Goren works daily at his studio facility in Los Angeles, California, with regular forays to concert halls and studios worldwide to produce Immediate Music’s trademark orchestral recording projects. 


The catalog that birthed a genre, now available through BMGPM.